David Vultaggio
Polestar H_UB

A new form of garage for the mid-twenty-first century.

A new form of garage for the mid-twenty-first century.

About the design

A combination of brand experience centre, and place to be whilst charging your Polestar vehicle, the H_UB by designer David Vultaggio is a comprehensive re-imagining of what once might have been called a garage.  

H_UB buildings would generate their own electricity, and produce hydrogen from a bio-mass roof, that will then be used to power visiting customers’ vehicles. Their interiors showcase a variety of up-cycled materials showing the sustainable design focus of Polestar to customers waiting for their vehicles to charge. And not only cars; the design illustrations also feature a Polestar hydrogen seaplane, Polestar electric bicycle, and the Polestar Precept that was announced in 2020. 

H_UB recognises that car brands are moving away from just designing and making vehicles, to offering an eco-system of mobility solutions, different ways to access power, and brand experience.  

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