The final four

The final four

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The Polestar Design Contest came about because of an idea. An idea that it’s not enough to be the change one wants to see. One has to also encourage, support, and shape the change. Leading by example is great. But only if people follow. We began this annual event, bringing together student and professional designers from all different backgrounds and locations to see what a more sustainable electric future could look like.

This is where it all began. Curated by Polestar Senior Design Manager Juan Pablo Bernal, the Polestar Design Community is an Instagram account which does more than showcase amazing designs from Polestar designers, fans and followers (though it does plenty of that). It also serves as an online gathering point where designers can engage with each other, with Polestar itself, and have their unique Polestar-inspired sketches seen across the entire design.

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Performance gives. But it also takes away. For too long, the idea of “performance” has been linked to consumption, noise, and pollution. But with the need for climate action more crucial than ever, a new form of performance is needed. One for the electric age.

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For questions about the design contest, feel free to contact the Polestar Design Community.

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