Polestar 2 is the first car available with Google built in. The car’s native Android Automotive infotainment system includes Google Maps, and Google Assistant, with more automotive apps available from the Google Play store.

Both Polestar and Google want to make life on the road easier, safer, and more intuitive. We’re changing the way drivers and cars interact, with automotive software that’s under continuous development to ensure it stays ahead of the game.

“With Polestar 2 we have completely changed the way we think about information and entertainment in the car. We’ve teamed up with Google and embedded Android OS into our cars. This is the future of interaction between the car and the driver.”

The in-car operating system receives regular over-the-air updates, just like a smartphone. And additional apps are always available from the Google Play store.

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“People are used to having Google Maps and the Google Assistant on their Android phone or on their iPhone or on their watch. So, we wanted to make sure that digital life continues when they get into the car.”


In 2019 we launched Polestar for the first time. In 2020 the photos and videos became real for many excited customers: a fully equipped car with all extra packages and the Performance Pack as a optional extra. Finally the whole lineup for Polestar 2 is ready, with simple differences in drivetrain, batteries and packs you can add to you configuration.

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