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Climate change affects us all. However, we might not notice it directly. With the effects of climate change most obvious in remote locations like glaciers, savannah and rainforests, it’s not strange that a fair proportion of people live their day-to-day lives only occasionally thinking of the climate crisis, if at all. Caja Schöpf is not one of those people.

We have to motivate ourselves to always go one step further in the right direction.
Caja Schöpf

A freeskier, outdoor athlete, and sports psychologist who grew up (and still lives) in the Bavarian Alps, Schöpf is acutely aware of the ramifications of the changing climate, as well as the urgent need to act. “When I go skiing in February, it’s almost 20° Celsius,” she states. “Just a few weeks ago I was in a glacial cave that won’t exist next year. It’s a real reminder that we need to do something.”

Schöpf thinks that both personal and collective action are required. We need to be honest with ourselves about our wants and needs, while being conscious of the planet’s limited carrying capacity. “A sustainable lifestyle is about mindfulness and gratitude for the resources that nature gives us,” she opines. 

Additionally, Schöpf stresses the importance of context and big-picture thinking, arguing that even the smallest steps in the right direction are worth acknowledging. “We have to motivate ourselves to always go one step further in the right direction,” she explains. “Something I associate with Polestar.”

“What we need in the future is transparency and honesty above all,” she continues. “Technology and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Technology is what drives real change.”

And if it’s possible to have a unique driving experience while helping to drive that change, all the better. “Polestar 2 was super fun in the snow,” she enthuses. “In St. Moritz I sped over the ridge with it. It’s beautiful and it’s minimalistic. But my favourite detail was the heated steering wheel.”

Climate change affects us all, even those without a mountain chain on their doorstep. If real change is to occur, it will take a collective effort. “We should focus on what we truly need and not be too distracted by external factors," states Schöpf.

We wholeheartedly agree.

Head on over here to read the full interview (in German). 


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