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Retail has largely moved online. The appeal is understandable: effortless browsing, no sales staff hovering by your elbow, and no need to leave your house at all. This doesn’t mean that physical retail spaces have lost their importance, however. It just means that they play a new role. Given that we offer a digital-first model, in which everything from configuring a car to booking a test drive can be done online, the away-from-keyboard, in-real-life experience in a retail space needs to be a singular offering.

“It's about creating a unique customer experience that is memorable, inspiring, and puts the customer first” says Polestar CXO Mona Abbasi. Polestar spaces are like the cars themselves: minimalistic, modern and functional, and packed with innovative solutions. AR and VR allows visitors to see the cars in various configurations and environments. Atelier tables give a workshop-like feel, encouraging visitors to get creative. Material and colour samples are on hand, providing a tangible version of what’s displayed on screens throughout the space. The entire environment is an expression of Polestar’s values. Visitors are literally stepping into the brand.

“I don't like to call it a ‘showroom’. I like to call it a ‘do-room’. You actually interact with the space. I think that to be relevant today, you need to offer that experience,” states Polestar Head of Retail Johan Fischer. “The plan isn’t to push sales in a Polestar space. The plan is to educate and inspire.”

The modern interpretation of the traditional retail experience can now be found online, which ironically creates the opportunity for a unique, innovative real-life retail experience. Like what can be had in a Polestar space.


The End of the Beginning​

As of today, June 24th, Polestar is listed on the Nasdaq in New York under the ticker PSNY. This allows us to welcome shareholders, as well as customers, to join our journey towards more sustainable electric performance. This is a confirmation that Polestar has come of age. An end of the beginning.​ And a beginning of something more.​

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